SOUTHSKY 5.1/2.1 Audio Rush Digital Sound Decoder Converter,Optical SPDIF, Coaxial to 5.1CH 2.1CH Analog Audio (6RCA Output)



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Product Description



Specifications Input Ports: 2x Optical (Toslink,SPDIF),1x Coaxial,1×3.5mm Aux Output Ports: 6 RCA channels(FL,FR,SL,SR,CEN,SW) 192KHz / 24 Bit’s top level Dual decoding ADC and DAC Support HDCD,AC3,DTS,PCM,Dolby digital,Dolby Prologic II and others Metal Case:Black,Aluminum Alloy Shell,Anti-fingerprints Package List

1×5.1 CH DAC Decoder1xOptical Fiber Cable1xUS Power Adaper(DC 5V)1xUser Manual

Key Functions

Convert Digital signals (Optical ,Toslink,SPDIF,Coaxial) to 5.1 CH channels analog sound surroundConvert Digital signals(Optical ,Toslink,SPDIF,Coaxial) to 2.1 channel analog sound (FL+FR+SW)Convert stereo analog(3.5mm Aux) to 5.1CH simulations.3.5mm Aux available to connect with bluetooth receiver(not sender) for wireless control from your smart phone.


Key Features

1 key switch the input signals1 key switch 5.1 and 2.1LED indicators of inputting channelsAutomatic recovery the input signals after restart, no need to choose the input signal again



High Compliances AND Important Notes for 5.1CH Decoding Configuration Setting:

It’s easy to connect many entertainment devices with digital optical and coaxial ports or 3.5mm analog port.

It is also support the device such as HDMI Audio Extractor or HDMI ARC converters which output Coaxial or SPDIF(Toslink,Optical) signals;

Input Devices:

SPDIF/Coaxial/3.5mm Aux: Signals from HDTV,Set-top Boxes, Laptop, DVD, Blu-ray DVD Player, Playstations like Xbox,PS2, PS3, PS4,PS53.5mm Aux(Only for Input,Not output): Available to connect with 3.5mm bluetooth receiver(not bluetooth sender) and enjoy the wireless music from your smart phone

Output Devices:

AV receivers or amplifiers, and Active 5.1CH Speakers with built-in amplifier,Active 2.1CH (FL+FR+SW/Subwoofer) Speakers,Soundbar with built-in amplifier


1. Dolby or DTS are digital signals, so please use SPDIF or Coaxial input port of this product, NOT 3.5mm Aux analog input port;

2. Please make sure your audio source has Dolby or DTS format(There must be a Dolby or DTS logo on your audio source).

3. Please make sure your audio devices support RAW(Dolby/DTS or Bitstream) output from HDMI,SPDIF or Coaxial port of your audio device.please double check with your audio device supplier.

4. Set your audio output by “SPDIF/digital”,“RAW”,“Bitstream” or “Dolby /DTS”,different device, different definition.

5. If using network player(NOT Video website or APP), please set audio output by “SPDIF/digital”,“RAW” or “bitstream”.eg,potplayer,VLC player.

6. The quality and connecctions of DISC, RCA cables will also impact quality of sound;

Output Connection___Reference AV Amplifier and Cable Types




Perfect for Building Your Home Cinema or Game House


Some Q&A:

1.After connecting it through Optical with my TV and amplifier, no sound come out

Please check your TV’s settings,the sound output should be setted to be external amplifier,not TV speaker,or else no sound and sr output same audio no seperation

Please check your audio source and switch the audio mode from 2.1 to 5.1,usually it base on your audio source’s definitions;

3.Does not properly decode DTS/Dolby to analog 5.1 channel sound. All speakers have the same signal.

Switch the audio mode from 2.1 to 5.1, also check if your audio device can support output the DTS signal(RAW/Bitstream/Digital) Please use digital signal port,such as SPDIF/Toslink/Coaxial ports, Not Analog signal port,such as 3.5mm aux JackAvoid another digital cable from your device directly connected to your audio devices.

4.Signal noise on the output

Check the quality and connections of cables,reconnect the cables stable;Avoid another cable connected from your device directly to your audio devices at the same time(or else there would be niose at beginning when power on).

5.No volume control

There is no volume control on this decoder,please using amplifier together with it,or else mini sound.Amplifier is required;

6.SW sound output:Base on your audio source/format,please use subwoof and volume in a good status;

7. In Dolby/5.1CH(6 channels) REAL SOUND SURROUND status, all 6 channels are separate channels and different sound effects.For example,CEN are ” people talking”, SL+SR are just some “movie background sound”,different movies,different signals or definition,and it doesn’t mean that the CONVERTER is “not working” or “No Sound”.Amplifier is required, or else,in 5.1CH, SOUND IS VERY TINY.(THE CONVERTER IS ONLY FOR 5.1CH DECODER,NOT AMPLIFIER,NOT 7.1CH)

Input Ports
1xCoaxial,2xToslink,1×3.5mm Aux 1xCoaxial,2xToslink 1xCoaxial,1xToslink 1xCoaxial,1xToslink,1×3.5mm 1xHDMI ARC,1xCoaxial,1xToslink 1xCoaxial,1xToslink

Output Ports
6xRCA 6xRCA, 1×3.5mm 2xRCA, 1×3.5mm 2xRCA,1×3.5mm 1xCoaxial,1xToslink,2XRCA,1X3.5mm 1xCoaxial,1xToslink,2XRCA,1X3.5mm

Digital to Analog

5.1CH Decoder
support Dolby Digital,AC3,DTS support Dolby Digital,AC3,DTS support Dolby Digital,AC3,DTS

Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth Reveiver

Key Notes
DAC,Support decoder DAC and dolby digital,ac3,dts DAC,Support decoder DAC and dolby digital,ac3,dts DAC,Support decoder DAC and dolby digital,ac3,dts DAC,Bluetooth sender and receiver DAC,HDMI ARC audio extractor,SPDIF Coaxial bidirectional converter DAC,SPDIF Coaxial bidirectional converter

3.5mm to Analog

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.25 x 3.46 x 1.02 inches; 7.83 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 1, 2014
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ SOUTHSKY
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

【5.1CH &2.1CH DAC】Convert digital optical(Toslink,SPDIF),Coaxial signals to 6 RCA /5.1 channel analog sound surround audio and 2.1 CH (FL,FR,SW) stereo, including LPCM,support Dolby, DTS /AC-3 audio decoder conversion for Home Theater.One key switch 5.1ch and 2.1ch mode;
【Multi Interfaces & One Key Switch】2 SPDIF (optical fiber / Toslink) input ports, 1 coaxial and 3.5mm aux input; Output: 6 RCA (FL, FR, SL, SR, CEN, SW); One key to switch the input signal channel.
【Signal Input Memory Function】Input signals automatically recovery after restart, no need to switch the button to choose the input signals again or every time,very smart;
【LED Indicators】 LED indicators of input signals and operating status,let you easily choose and identify the right input channel;eg,when input is SPDIF-2 port, switch the input button till LED D2 light will be always on(when input is 3.5mm aux port, switch the input button till all LED light off)
【Wide Range of Applications】Well surface treatment, mini size,portable,black color; Need to connect to an AV amplifier or receiver to power up your 6 speakers or soundbar and enjoy the shock effect of sound surround.widely used at home, school, square, concert hall, movie theater and other public places, you can enjoy the perfect shock stereo sound surround effect of DTS or Dolby. Compatible with HDTV, Blu-ray DVD, DVD, PlayStation Game Console, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, DM500S, DM800HD etc.



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